There are a lot of trails with beautiful views in Austin. Recently I’ve discovered the new one with amazing view on the Pennybacker Bridge and Colorado river. I do like to explore new places, and spring time is the best for that! It is still not too hot (I cannot stand heat at all), and not cold anymore in the mornings, so you can climb to the top of the hill, grab your morning coffee, and sit calm and enjoy the view (as I did)! If you can see the sunrise, you are lucky, as I was when came to the bridge that morning. Beauty! Nothing else to say)).

I honestly have no idea why they named this place Pennybacker Bridge, however, most Austinites call it 360 Bridge, probably because of the view around. To find this spot is super easy, just drive straight to N Capital of Texas Highway (Austin, TX, US), and you’ll see it!

There is hidden trail along the river, which is not very obvious at the beginning, so most of people are not aware about. Walking on the trail is enjoyable because it is in the shaded part, with lots of fresh air. There are some rocks where you can sit, relax and enjoy wonderful river views.

Normally I do not write a lot about beautiful places, especially the nature, as, in my opinion, it doesn’t make sense. It is not possible to explain, or describe the beauty of what you’ve seen, or how you’ve been amazed, you just have to feel it. I usually suggest people just go and see those places by themselves.

Calm and cozy. Namaste 🙏